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A musician’s biography should be expressed through the music that is performed rather than by those who have played it, or when, or where.

Otherwise, a curriculum vitae places us before merely an unpleasant sense of ambiguity.

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Bootleg YN Space is the voice of YekNur [Antonino Siringo]. His aim is to diffuse his music through the web.
From here, it will be possible to listen to the latest productions, download the albums free or, for those who would like to contribute, make donations in support of the website and new productions.
Periodically, Bootleg YN Space, will release copies (supposedly vinyl) of some productions. The copies will be in limited edition and can be bought only through the website.
Bootleg YN Space still believes in the “discography object” and this is why it will parsimoniously release these “Unidentified Sound Objects” into the real world: so that we will never be tired of being astonished and so it is never taken for granted.
Bootleg YN Space believes in your support and thanks you.

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20 Marzo 2018 – Orchestra della Toscana

Firenze, Teatro Verdi martedì 20 marzo 2018 ore 21.00   PIOVANI DIRIGE PIOVANI   Nicola Piovani direttore musiche dai film di… Read more »

31th October: Antonino Siringo e Barbara Raimondi at Jazz Club Torino

Saturday, October 31 , at 21.30 , Antonino Siringo and Barbara Raimondi on stage at the Jazz Club in Turin… Read more »

25th October – FESTIVAL “SUONI RIFLESSI” XIII edition

25th OCTOBER,  11.00 AM – SALA VANNI – PIAZZA DEL CARMINE, 19 “ARIA – Follia” Maddalena Crippa plays  Alda Merini’s… Read more »

I SALOTTI DI FIRENZE CAPITALE – 14/15 /16/17 October 2015

“I SALOTTI DI FIRENZE CAPITALE” di Marcello Lazzerini Conversations ( in ) credible with Edmondo De Amicis , theatrical journey… Read more »

Planet YekNur

Music must deal with those “worlds” that the today’s man neither knows, nor recognizes because of an emotional-spiritual hypertrophy with which he is afflicted.

In this, music is science and medicine. Its purpose is to free man from that single “dimension” that he is accustomed to evaluating. Man must explore, discover, learn, and build upon “other” dimensions. He must become accustomed to the idea that the “worlds” making up the universe of Creation are attainable.

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YekNur in Cosm(O)ethic Jazz

The Wondrous World of Tala